Open Mic Nites and Procedures

Zanies Open Mic Nites General Information & Procedures:

Outlined below is general information about Zanies Open Mic Nights.  Most answers to your questions can be found in the information below.

Stage Time is determined as follows and will be stated in your confirmation email. 
Group 1: 90 seconds – Little or no previous stage time and/or experience.
Group 2: 3 minutes – Have taken a comedy class from Rik Roberts and/or have a proven track record of consist sets at Zanies by performing in Group 1.
Group 3: 7 minutes – Consistently bring new material to the stage and want to pursue a career in comedy.
NOTE: You and only you determine the Group in which you reside.  You have the opportunity of advancing to the next group and/or possibly being moved down a group depending upon your performance(s) and meeting the Rules outlined below.  Therefore, you are encouraged to continue working on your material and getting as much stage time in as possible by performing at other Open Mic Nights around town.  The best place to find where these other Open Mic Nights are is by visiting Rik Roberts determines you moving up to the next level. Please speak with Rik directly on regarding advancement on the night(s) you perform.

New Open Mic Rules are below.  Please read carefully! Yes these rules do apply to all Open Mic performers.  No Exceptions!

Standard Open Mic Rules are as follows:
1. Each performer is required to bring at least 4 guests.  The more guests the better for you and all other performers.  There are not a maximum number of guests you may have within reason.
a. Zanies will provide you with Complimentary “Open Mic Night” ticketsEach ticket Admits Two people.
b. The Tickets may be picked up from Zanies during the evening when shows are scheduled (check the Calendar on our website).  Or from our office located at the House at 809 South Douglas Avenue (directly behind the Dollar General Store) from 10am to 4pm Monday thru Friday.
c. You must write your name on the Ticket in the COMEDIAN section in order for you to get credit for guests.
d. If some or all of your 4 guests are No Shows then you must wait two months before you can sign up again.  Therefore every performer must have 4 guests attend the show.

2. Arrive by the “ARRIVE BY” time listed in the confirmation email & check in with the Box Office Staff at the Main Showroom Door.

3. STICK TO YOUR TIME.  You are responsible for knowing how long you have been on stage.  Your set needs to be tailored to the amount of time you are allotted.  Lights will not be given to any performer.  If you go over your time; the microphone will be cut off and you will not be allowed to perform again.

4. Out of respect to every performer; you and your quests are required to stay through the entire show and just not your set. 

5. Each guest is required to purchase two items inside the club that can be met in any food or beverage or food/beverage combination.  This requirement keeps Zanies in business.

6. Minimum age requirement is 18 years of age or older with a valid photo ID for both performers and guests.

7. Excessive Vulgar Language is frowned upon.  Please do not make us have to ban you from performing.  TIP: If you are really serious about pursuing a comedy career then you will have to perform clean as an MC on a consistent basis.

8. Zanies is not a platform to voice your political views and opinions.

9. IMPORTANT: If you cannot make your confirmed date you must call Zanies (not email) at least 24 hours in advance so your time can be given to another performer.  If you are a NO SHOW you will NEVER BE ALLOWED TO PERFORM AGAIN.  NO EXCEPTIONS, don’t even try asking!

Open Mic Sign Up is the 3rd Monday of each Month for the upcoming month’s available dates. Email requesting stage time on an Open Mic Night. Always include your First & Last Name and Phone Number in all emails sent to us. Open Mic Bookings are based upon first email first booked basis and fill up very quickly. If you are booked a reply Confirmation Email with the performance date will be emailed back to you. Please do not send multiple emails as only the first one will be answered. Only the confirmed performers will receive a reply email. Therefore you need to send another email requesting stage time on the next 3rd Monday of the Month.

For any other questions you might have, email: