Byron Kennedy

Ages 18 and up
Byron 41211645195261
Wednesday, June 29
Doors: 6pm Show: 7pm


  • 18 & over
  • Two items minimum


Zanies Nashville Comedy Night Club
2025 8th Ave S
Nashville, TN 37204


Encouraged to remove himself from a highly successful career in radio and the music business, Byron Kennedy’s comedy trajectory has taken him from open mic nights to opening slots, Las Vegas and beyond. And the explanation for his fast start is exceedingly simple: “I fucking hate meetings.”        

Declared the “Leonardo DaVinci Of Radio” by broadcast legend Howard Stern for naming an upstart radio station “Howard 93-7,” Kennedy built an impressive résumé at a CBS Radio and, later, a top Nashville record label. Happily, it made him miserable. “I kept getting promoted into executive roles and felt like an impostor,” he says. Dragged onstage at an open mic night, he heard his calling. “I did two shots, told a few stories and got some laughs. Then we went out and celebrated like I’d just killed it on The Tonight Show. The next morning, I was certain this was all I wanted to do.”

Kennedy’s irreverent, observational style and natural storytelling flair gelled quickly, earning opening and feature gigs nationwide, including multiple runs in Las Vegas. “When I started leaning into this thing, the opportunities to share my craft started to pop up,” he says. “I can’t explain it. And When you land that first laugh, there’s no turning back.”