Average Joey

Ages 18 and up
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Tuesday, November 01
Doors: 6pm Show: 7pm


  • 18 & over
  • Two items minimum
  • Cell phones are subject to be locked up using Yonder bags. This is at the discretion of Zanies and the Comedian.


Zanies Nashville Comedy Night Club
2025 8th Ave S
Nashville, TN 37204


Average Joey is a combat veteran/ former construction worker that dropped everything and picked up comedy in 2019.

 He is best known for his raw life experiences and millions of views on his videos that are shared all over social media, and for his “high” energy standup performances on stage. His real-life humor and story telling about everyday events that relate to most, has amassed a large audience that enjoy listening online and in person. 

 In just 3 short years he has opened, featured, and headlined more than 200 shows across the country and he has worked with some really great comedians, including Cam Bertrand, Donnie Baker, JC Currais, Dedrick Flynn and many more to come.